5 Times A Personal Loan Can Help You Out In Emergencies

5 Times A Personal Loan Can Help You Out In Emergencies

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When times get challenging a personal loan can serve as a much needed light in a financially dark time. According to a survey conducted by Bank rate Nearly 4 in 10 Americans would borrow money to cover a $1K emergency. This shows that many Americans are not prepared for a financial emergency. Thankfully for anyone that goes through a situation in which they are needed to obtain an emergency loan for one, several or even tens of thousands of dollars there are options available to help alleviate the financial burden and help families make it through the hardships. Here are some reasons you may need to pursue obtaining a personal loan/emergency loan.

Medical Reasons

This is one of the most common reasons Americans find themselves in situations that require a loan. This year in the middle of a pandemic the medical situation of the nation has been front and center in the public awareness as it has been a year with significantly above average hospitalizations. For reasons unrelated to the pandemic many Americans still have had serious medical issues cause financial burdens that has put them close to bankruptcy. According to CNBC up to two thirds of Americans list medical reasons as the reason they file for bankruptcy. There are other options, such as obtaining an emergency loan. This path may be the better solution for those in financial trouble due to medical reasons.

Debt Consultation

Another beneficial and common reason for someone to consider a personal loan is in the form of debt consultation. When credit card debt goes out of control this can lead to a financial emergency, stress and a dark cloud over the consumer. Many see debt consultation as a way to remove this metaphoric dark cloud and have a brighter future with less stress, more organized finances and a clear cut path to financial freedom. Debt consultation remains one of the top reasons for consumers to consider obtaining a personal loan.


America has one of the highest divorce rates in the nation, and with the way laws are structured this can lead to a very chaotic, messy and expensive situation for all parties involved. While in the process of a divorce and also commonly shortly after one individual finds themselves in financial ruin as they get back on their feet with a new life. During this transition period obtaining a bridge loan to help ensure an individual does not sink into financial despair is one of the five reasons to obtain a personal loan.

Home Renovation

Maintaining a home has its costs. A 2017 survey by Discover listed home renovation as one of the top reasons for obtaining a personal loan. With the rising price for contractors, home emergencies and remodeling it serves as a good reason why this made the list. Maintaining the structure and integrity of a home is important for most Americans as this is commonly the primary asset owned.

Business Circumstance

The number of business owners and startups in the United States is at an all time high. And while the spirit of innovation is certainly, clearly active this also leads to more volatility for the individuals running the businesses. When a emergency happens in the world of business the entrepreneurs counting on the bottom line are often the ones hit hardest. Using a personal loan as a bridge to ensure a individual is able to take care of their most basic needs while the business gets of track is a primary reason for obtaining a emergency loan.

These are some but not the only reasons to work with a reputable company to receive a personal loan. If you are looking to consult and speak with a quality team of representatives do not hesitate to contact Gold West Financial as we have been named of the Top 8 Financial institutions in the United States and are ready to show you why.

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