7 Best Personal Loan Trends for 2020

7 Best Personal Loan Trends for 2020

Digital finance is the newest trend in the personal loan market. The rising debate between banks and non-banking financial firms has made personal loan easy & accessible to everyone. Previously, getting a personal loan was a tedious process. There was a lot of delay with hefty documentation and lengthy procedures involved. Today, getting a personal loan is quick and easy. Let’s have a look at the 7 Best Personal Loan Trends for 2020.



1. Rising Competition

Before the digital age, applying for a personal loan was a tiresome process. Lengthy wait times, strenuous documentation, hectic procedures, all these made applicants feel bizarre about banks & loans. Only after acquiring sufficient documents & analysing the applicant's repayment capabilities, banks & the non-banking financial companies approved loans to customers. Today, the scenario is different. With rising competition, banks and financiers are improving their sales by making personal loans easy & accessible to all.

2. Digital Transformation

Earlier, to get a loan approved, there used to be long wait times along with numerous bank visits. Today it is all done in a click. With a smartphone in hand and available smart apps for instant loan approvals with low interest and no surety, getting a loan is as easy as buying groceries online. Time-consumption and tedious procedures are the words of the past. In the new age, everything is digital, and so is the loan process. Online personal loan application & process enables users to compare different loans, choose the best option & complete the entire application process in a click.

3. EMI Flexibility

Flexible EMI payment system enables applicants to pay loans on their terms. This system is the best fit for debtors who don't have regular or extra income.

There are 2 methods of EMI Loans

  • Bullet Loans

The loan is suitable for people who receive periodic incentives or payments. With this plan, customers can opt for a higher personal loan & start payment through regular EMI's. In this system, customers have the flexibility to reduce their EMI and interest based on the periodic income received. Bullet loan system uses a customized tool for loan application & repayment. Corporate employees have huge money inflows like incentives and bonuses which can be used to reduce loan liabilities.

The latest trend in personal loans is the flexibility it offers in increasing or decreasing their EMI amounts based on their financial dependencies.

  • Step down Flexi EMI plan

A step-down loan is a personal loan with higher initial EMI payments. After a defined period, the loan amount decreases & hence brings relief to the borrower. This method reduces the interest load substantially because the borrower is paying a higher principal amount. Step down personal loan is a perfect model for people with high income. High EMIs demands higher principal component payments. After a fixed term, the EMI amount declines and so the balance can be repaid with ease.

4. Repayment Methods

Waiting in long queues to make payments is now a word of the past. Customers can now avail online payment options like Standing Instruction (SI), Net Banking, Electronic Clearing Service (ECS), etc.

5. Attractive Interest Rates

The high competition in the personal loan sector has made the banks and non-banking financial enterprises charge the debtors with moderate interest rates. The benefit of online personal loan application is the interest rates can be compared over a wide base & the best option can be chosen.

6. Credit Score System

Credit scores share invaluable insights about your financial credibility. These scores are the ratings provided by the three main Credit Bureaus (Experian, Equifax, & TransUnion) The scores are based on your past repayments and financial situation. Credit score systems have made the entire loan process easy & better. For a faster loan approval today, all you need is a good credit score.

7. Online Lending Platforms

Online Lending Platforms are the biggest innovation to affect the personal loan market. They offer instant personal loans through apps and websites. People are highly interested & inclined towards online money lending and are opting to Fintechs rather than traditional banks.

Gold West Financial is one such online lending platform where people can get personal loans or personal line of credit ranging $10,000 to $100,000. There are numerous benefits to its customers.

Few of them are:

  1. Lower interest rates

  2. Easy approvals

  3. Quick disbursal

  4. Minimum documentation

  5. Flexible EMI tenures

  6. A personal credit line


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